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VIDEO: "What This Site Does For You"
With the guidance of highly experienced Building Biologist Oram Miller (4,000 homes scanned) we have carefully selected, for this page, the most useful yet affordable products and resources to help you take control of your EMF exposures and maintain safe and healthy living and working environments.
Each of the four scanning meters on this page do something different. For full scanning and protection, a household will utilize all four meters, and probably more than one Stetzer Filter (below).
To protect yourself legally you must have record of the harmful exposures!

CLICK HERE To open a blank
Print the form, fill it out, get it notarized and this form may be used as evidence in any legal action.

In any legal matter it is wise to consult an attorney.
  (Part #EHC 439s)

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This is the most powerful and versatile meter available in this price range. This meter scans for RF (radio frequencies), including smart meter pulses, as well as two sensitivity levels for magnetic fields (Gauss meter). If you only buy one scanning meter this is the one to have.

"How To Use The Cornet ED78s EMF Scanning Meter"
45 minutes

How To Use the Cornet ED78s EMF Scanning Meter
Body Meter
  (Part #EHC 183N and A452)
Also Included:
A Ground Line Tester!

Ground Tester
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Are you too charged up?
The body voltage meter allows you to check and monitor the voltage charge in your body. This is the best way to detect electric fields in your living spaces.  Many uses including checking to see how well your personal grounding, discharging and shielding methods are working and whether your living spaces are electrically "quiet".

"How To Use The Body Voltage Electric Field Meter"
20 minutes

How To Use the Body Voltage Electric Field Meter
EMF Audio Amplifier

Budget Buzz Stick
  (Part #EHC 175-B)
$19.95 Buy It Online
Searching for EMF in your living spaces means bending and reaching to ceilings and behind furniture. With this audio amplifier probe on a 3-foot long stick (not included), scanning living spaces for the general presence of EMF is easy.
After locating trouble spots, then get precise readings with the other meters on this page.

"How To Use The Budget Buzz Stick"
5 minutes
How To Use the Budget Buzz Stick
High Frequency EMF Pollution Meter For Wiring
Stetzerizer Meter
  (Part #EHC803-NA)

$99.95 Buy It Online
This is the "Dirty Electricity" detection meter!

House wiring is supposed to carry 60Hz current ONLY. High-frequency transients and harmonics are commonly created by wiring faults, digital utiltity meters and various electric appliances and devices. That means harmful electric fields can project 8 feet into your living spaces from your house wiring and room chords.

Some people feel irritating and painful physical symptoms as soon as they are exposed to these high frequency electric fields, but symptoms or no symptoms, hundreds of scientific studies show clear associations between long term exposures to high frequency electric fields and serious illnesses, injuries and deaths. it is not healthful for anyone to live and linger in those fields.

To measure your living spaces, simply plug the STETZERIZERTM into any standard North American wall plug, extension chord or power strip and see an instantly precise reading of the dangerous high frequency voltage on your lines. A reading over 50 tells you there is a problem.

Fixes include moving an appliance, fixing bad wiring or plugging in a few Graham-Stetzer Filters to clean up your current (available on this page). This meter works on 240-Volt circuits too!
High Frequency EMF Pollution Filter
Stetzer Filter
  (Part #EHC802-1)

$34.95 Buy It Online
This is the plug-in filter used to reduce high frequency electrical pollution ("dirty electricity") in your living spaces.

A typical home might utilize 20 of these filters so every circuit is filtered and every room is protected.

The Stetzerizer meter on this page can verify your exposures and your filters' effectiveness as you test them in different outlets. Full instructions come with the filter to guide you in the testing and placement of the filters.

It is especially important to reduce frequencies in places where people spend extended periods like sleeping areas and desks.

DISCLAIMER: There is some controversy with filters of this kind. There are circumstances where these filters reportedly may produce no benefit or actually increase certain EMF exposures. We strongly recommend utilizing the other meters on this page before and after utilizing these in-line filters to verify performance and efficacy.

VIDEO: Kevin Byrne demonstrates the Stetzer Meter and Stetzer Filter, 3 minutes.
...and save time!

Cornet EDS78 Body Meter Ground Tester
Budget Buzz Stick Stetzerizer Meter
Total Package Price: $364.75
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This package includes the four specialized meters listed individually on this page.
One click does it all!

Each one of these meters performs a different function to give you a complete assessment of your harmful exposures.







Cornet EDS78 Body Meter Ground Tester
Budget Buzz Stick Stetzerizer Meter

If you need the services of a Building Biologist (such as Oram Miller), but cannot find one in your area, this package enables you to have remote consultations with a Building Biologist by telephone by taking your own readings.

Oram MillerBuilding Biologist Oram Miller's web site has a wealth of information on EMF and environmental health and saftey as well as contacts for consultations. Visit createhealthyhomes.com/

International Institute For Building Biology And Ecology
The field of Building Biology, sometimes called "Bau-Biologie" is now growing rapidly to address the new health and safety concerns caused by our new technologies and living styles. The International Instutute for Building-Biology and Ecology web site is a great resource of information and a registry of environmental health professionals serving many areas.

The comments below are not legal advice and are not written by lawyers. In all legal matters consult your attorney.

WARNING: Opposition to your utility company's unlawful and harmful policies may result in denial of service and/or "penalty" fees on your bills. We recommend taking agressive legal actions against any utility company officials who maintain policies promoting those injustices. Installation of radiation-emitting surveillance devices on private property without disclosure and without consent of the occupants are crimes. Also, thousands of house fires have been caused by the installation of "advanced" digital electric meters.

1) If you have a digital electric, gas or water meter, make sure you have sent in a legal notice and replied to all their written and verbal communications with a denial of consent for trespass with radiation and surveillance. (Free download of legal notices at freedomtaker.com, scroll down and look in right column). With that notice you are rightfully demanding a safe and lawful ANALOG meter with NO DIGITAL COMPONENTS OF ANY KIND.

2) After allowing a few days or weeks for the utility company to provide a safe and lawful analog meter, edit, print and send a Notice of Default (see free download referred to above) to the utility company CEO along with a copy of your original notice. In other words, keep your legal options open even if you can't do anything else now. Then, at any time in the future you can bring suit or you may hear of a class action suit you can join without cost. If you send the Legal Notices you will have maintained your standing for legal action and reward in the future.

3) Do not indicate at any time that you are "not up for the fight" or ”too tired to fight”. Present yourself as resisting, actively prohibiting the trespass and defending your rights with your full determination and resources. In law, any statement or indication that you are not fighting can be taken as your agreement with all terms and conditions imposed upon you.

4) If possible NEVER agree to any “opt-out” contract. Those are extortion, requiring you to pay to not be harmed. THEN THEY HARM YOU ANYWAY with a "Trojan Horse" meter. To defend your health, safety, privacy and property rights against utility company assault you must serve notice and then YOU MUST MAKE ALL POLICY regarding entry and installations on your property. That means YOUR RULES, NOT THEIRS. This is more important than it seems. Utility companies are not police, they are guests on your property. When you agree to any unfair or unlawful violation you are agreeing to ALL violations. You LOSE ALL PROTECTION when you give up any protection because the utility company uses that as indication of your willingness to be criminally violated. Criminals may violate you and commit crimes against you IF YOU AGREE to such violations. When your opposition to violation is unclear, like in a utility easement, YOU MUST SERVE NOTICE and clarify your terms or you are presumed agreeable to ALL abuse and larceny. We recommend the free legal notice download to EVERY utility customer. (Free download at freedomtaker.com, scroll down and look in right column).

5) Do not compromise with anyone at the utility company and do not engage any verbal communications with them. As you'll see in the instructions with the legal notice download, to protect yourself you must keep all communications in writing and always with the CEO with a cc copy to anyone else who may be concerned. NEVER enter a negotiation or argument with an employee or manager. They do not have the authority to make accommodation with your terms. They don’t even have the option to obey the law without getting fired for violating company policy. Remember, company policy is ILLEGAL when it requires trespass and non-consensual radiation and surveillance on your property. Employees, by taking their paychecks, ARE AGREEING to be complicit in all crimes and harm to you caused by company policy (yes, name all complicit employees personally and individually in your legal actions).

6)  If you decide to send extortion payments for “opting out”, (We strongly recommend you never do that), make sure that you write on the check "involuntary and coerced payment under duress". Also make sure you send a notice to the CEO declaring that your payments and cooperation are under duress, coerced and involuntary. Keep certified mail receipts and copies of those notices. Without that your payment is AGREEMENT to be criminally violated and you may lose standing for legal actions in the future.

7)  If you have a digital electric meter, shut off your breakers when you sleep, especially the breakers that run lines to or through the bedroom. Get a wind-up or battery powered alarm clock.

8)  If you install shielding, make sure it is BETWEEN THE EMF SOURCE AND THE PEOPLE and verify the effect with scanning meters (above). Improper shielding and/or grounding can actually make exposures WORSE. Shielding is risky and difficult to do effectively. It will not help you at all to simply prevent their transmitters from sending data. You are agreeing to let them do that by permitting the equipment on your property. By defeating the equipment with shielding you are in violation for “tampering” with equipment you have accepted under your utility company easement.

9)  Ground your shielding material. If you are not sure about this, check with an electrician.

10)  Purchase some scanning meters to regularly scan your environment and verify your exposures (available above). Find ways to reduce the exposures.

11)  Minimize your use of cell phones, maximize their distance from your body at all times and DO NOT bring them or the chargers into the bedroom.

12)  Get rid of every chordless phone (use hard-wired phones), microwave oven, and other wireless device in your home. Look carefully, sometimes we forget that certain devices have wireless components. More and more appliances will have those wireless transmitters hidden inside in the future. Without scanning meters (above) you cannot detect those hidden devices.

13)  Turn off and remove every wi-fi device in your home. Use direct wired ethernet connections and routers for your internet connections. Turn off wi-fi on your laptop.

14) Remove all dimmer switches and replace them with binary (on/off) switches.

15)  Keep your body away from transformers, motors, chargers, electrical wiring in the walls and in the room, power strips and electrical devices. Get these things away from places where you spend time like your desk.

16)  Avoid being physically in wi-fi fileds as much as possible (commercial locations are flooded with them). Children are especially vulnerable to harm from wi-fi. Wi-fi has now been banned from schools in many locations. Emotional and behavioral problems (ADD, ADHD) and childhood leukemia are directly and uniformly associated with those exposures.

17)  NEVER permit your child to sit for prolonged periods in wi-fi fields. If your school has wi-fi,  demand that it be turned off or remove your child on the basis of intentional criminal assault and take legal actions against the faculty. File criminal complaints with the police, the school board and the District Attorney. Many countries (France), states (Vermont), cities, counties and school districts have now banned wi-fi in schools for very good reason. United States restrictions on EMF exposures are far less stringent than most of the developed world including the more totalitarian regimes like China and Russia. This is due to excess corporate influence on U.S. lawmakers and it is based on pure corruption exactly as was seen with the protracted failures by public officials to protect the public from asbestos, lead, DDT and tobacco. Children consistently suffer behavioral problems and serious diseases when exposed to EMF.

18)  Check the area around your home and workplace for any transmitters for cell phone service or other civic communications. These are sometimes hidden and hard to spot. Theyt are even disguised as building tops and trees. They may be mounted on any pole, building or other structure. They have different sizes and shapes, but usually there is a small "stick" antenna or dish and a power supply in some kind of box. If there are any of those near your house you may need to use EMF scanning meters to check for EMF amplitudes at your living spaces. You may wish to file a complaint and request relocation or redirection of the transmitter. If a transmitter has been pointed at your home without disclosure and/or without your consent you are entitled to compensation for damages, trespass and risk to health.

19)  Check for overhead high-voltage wires and, if any are nearby, use a scanning meter to verify exposures. A general rule is to be at least three times as far from the wires as they are off the ground. If high-voltage lines are near your house you may want to consider moving, it is almost impossible to shield large nearby sources of EMF like that, and they DO cause cancer and other life-threatening ailments after prolonged exposure.

More links and resources on smart meters, digital meters, electromagnetic radiation, and making your living environment better. After several years of activism on the topic we regard the links below to be some of the most credible and valuable:
The award-winning documentary film 
"Take Back Your Power" exposes the hazards and the truth behind wireless technologies.

Take Back Your Power - The Movie

NoRadBlog - Resources and Videos on Vital EMF Information go to:
http://www.norad4u.com/ This is a massive portal of EMF links, information and resources.

For dozens of videos of tests and demonstrations of meters, appliances and devices go to:

For video demonstrations of EMR tests with common radiation-emitting devices go to:
COURTESY OFnorad4U.com

Mike Mitcham
Packing this presentation with hard and shocking facts Mike Mitcham (UK) exposes the sinister and harmful aspects of the Smart Meter programs and he dissects the many lies we are being told by our formerly trusted public and corporate institutions.

Microwave weapons expert Barrie Trower explains the horrors awaiting society if wireless technologies are not curtailed. Scroll down on the ZenGardener page to play video "Part 1" and "Part 2"
Direct YoutTube links to the same videos:



EMF Engineer Rob State's comprehensive 30-minute video "The Dark Side of Smart Meters":


Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt presents his un-rivaled knowledge, experience and expertise in EMR pathology


The BIOINITIATIVE REPORT is a compilation of studies by 28 independent scientists and researchers exposing the harm of wireless technologies through rigidly conducted and peer-reviewed published studies, research and experiments. This is what you need when anyone asks you "WHERE'S THE SCIENCE?"

As of October, 2014, those who believe that EMF and digital utility metering are "harmless" also believe the world is flat and the universe revolves around it. This is a problem because some of those intellectually deficient individuals are policy makers and elite global manipulators. For those who happen to be in that group, here is yet another highly credible report proving they are flat wrong: THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE has released a report exposing direct effects of EMF and Radiofrequencies on Human Health.

13% to 35% of the population is electromagnetic sensitive and that percent is quickly rising as wireless exposures are multiplying. If you are sick and you don't know why, you may be sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies as so many people are. Very helpful info and resources are here:

Research, studies and solutions galore on harmful electrical pollution. Don't ask "where are the facts?" They are right here:

Magda Havas
Hard science, research and resources on electromagnetic pollution, hazards and effects, plus links to media articles at: http://www.magdahavas.com/

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